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Mobility Scooter Specialist

Mobility scooters are lifesavers for some people. Whether you need to be able to get around indoors or out and about, a scooter can make a big difference to the quality of your day.

Scooters come in all shapes and sizes, and getting the correct scooter for your needs is essential. We have a large selection of new and reconditioned scooters at our warehouse in Redcar. So, no matter what your needs may be, we will have a mobility scooter that is suitable.

A small scooter is ideal if you need to use one in your home, if you need a scooter for getting to the shops or going longer distances (up to 25 miles round trip), a large scooter may be what you need.

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A small scooter is ideal

Boot Scooters to 8 mph Scooters

8 mph Scooters (as pictured above)

Variable speed from very slow to 8mph. Ideal for travelling longer distances and twice as fast as standard 4 mph scooters. 8 mph scooters generally tend to be larger, making them ideal for heavier/larger users. Prices vary with previously-used scooters starting from as little as £200.

Boot Scooters

As the name suggests, these scooters are designed to fit into a car boot, they come apart in 4 main sections, the seat lifts off, then the battery pack, the back section is then disconnected very easily from the front, and finally the handle bars fold down.

We usually have a large selection available; prices start from £250 for a 4-wheel boot scooter.

Boot scooters are usually more compact than standard scooters, but larger 6 or 8 mph boot scooters are also available.

We supply all types and sizes of new and reconditioned scooters.

Cost can play a factor in finding the correct scooter. We are sure we can find a scooter that fits your budget. We can go over various options with you and help you find a mobility scooter in your price range, we let you try before you buy.

As you can see, boot scooters easily for into the boot of mose cars, even small hatchbacks.

To view our selection of mobility scooters, you can pop in to our Warehouse in Redcar on a Friday or Saturday, or if you can't make it you can call 01642 758855, 07986 315074 to arrange a home visit, or to make an appointment to visit our warehouse at a specified time and day.

We also stock a large selection of scooter accessories, both for the individual and the scooter, from waterproof capes and covers to fleece-lined Cosy Toes which zip up to keep the rider warm.

We also provide a Maintenance & Repair service.

A general scooter Service is just £60 (includes a full check-up and battery testing.) We do not charge for collection and delivery.

Any problems, just give us a call.

A small scooter is ideal